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Title: Ohana

Pairing: AH OT6

Prompt: Dggeoff: someone talking crap about their relationship and an office member defending them

Summary: Four times Roosterteeth employee’s stood up for them and the one time Burnie had enough. 

1. Miles (to a Father)

Miles tipped his head back, laughing as he followed Gavin and Ray. He had his arm wrapped around Arryn’s waist, their bodies wet from the water slide, while Ray was piggy backing on Gavin in front of them.

“Water parks are the best,” Gavin laughed, Ray’s laughter muffled by his shoulder.

“Fuck yeah,” Miles agreed, punching his free hand into the air.

Arryn chuckled lightly before spotting something to the side and yanking on him lightly to stop him, “Geoff, Ryan hey!”

“Geoff! Ryan!” cheered Ray, making grabby hands over Gavin’s shoulders and relying on the Brits arms to hold him up. Geoff laughed, complying with the motion and pressing a kiss to Ray’s lips.

When Geoff had shuffled out of the way, making quiet conversation with Arryn, Ryan let Ray pull him into one as well.

“Excuse me,” the males voice cut in. The three not involved in kissing or holding up those being kissed, turned to find a man holding his hands over his daughters eyes.

Geoff pursed his lips, pointing down at her, “Is she okay? The sun is kinda-”

“She’s fine,” the man interrupted, his voice holding a kind of contempt that made Geoff reel back. “But considering there are children around would you mind not flaunting your….alternative life style. I don’t care what you do in the sack but I don’t want you teaching my daughter it’s okay to be with more then one person at a time.”

Miles raised an eyebrow, “What?”

“Miles,” Geoff shook his head slowly. “Leave it.”

“Leave what?” Miles questioned. “Leave this guy to be a complete douche and insult the way you don’t put yourself through hell picking just one of them when you love them all?” He spun on the guy, careful not to touch him since his daughter was there, “Well listen here asshole – just because he’s sharing it between five other people doesn’t mean he loves any of them any fucking less then I love my girlfriend or you love your wife. And you know what, I feel horrible for you daughter knowing that if there’s ever a time where she has so much love for two people who love each other and her so much that it hurts to chose, that you would still make her do that!”

There was a beat of silence, Miles huffing for breath before Gavin walked over, still carrying Ray on his shoulders as Ryan walked next to them with his hands behind his head.

“What’s going on?” questioned Ray, folding his arms over the top of Gavin’s head and placing his chin on his arms. “Is the kiddo okay?”

“Yeah,” Arryn declared, grabbing Miles’s arm and pulling. “We were just giving him directions to the wave pool.”

“Huh? Well let’s go find Michael and Jack in the lazy river,” Gavin declared, hiking Ray up as he felt his grip slipping.

Geoff hummed as he started walking, “Let’s go.”

“People piss me off,” Miles grumbled as he followed.

“Dude, he only asked you for directions,” laughed Ryan.

2. Gus (to a fan)

“Hey, hey!” Gus shouted, running over to a crowd of people. Security followed him as they pushed through the source of screaming in the center. Glancing around the inner circle he found Ray and Gavin each holding one of Michael’s arms, keeping the boy back as a girl on the other side glared at them with crossed arms. “What the fuck is going on?”

There was a roar as both the girl and Michael started screaming at him until he interrupted, “Shut the hell up!”

Both of them, and everyone around them, shut up instantly.

Gus growled, rubbing his fingers over his temple before pointing at a random boy in the crowd, “What the fuck happened?”

“They were taking some photos with us,” the boy drawled, “and she just came up and started insulting them and their relationship. It’s no wonder Michael got pissed about.”

“Are you fucking with me right now?” Gus mumbled, looking over at the trio. “We had an agreement.”

Ray gripped Michael a little tighter as the brunet clenched his jaw before saying, “We weren’t even touching, Gus. We agreed that we wouldn’t be so touchy since some people aren’t comfortable with it but she still just came up and started…”

“The fucking bitch called us disgusting,” Michael grounded out. “I don’t care what she says to me but no one talks about Gavin and Ray like that.”

Gus glanced over at her, “All of this true?”

“Yes,” she declared, crossing her arms with a smug look on her face. “God intended for love to be between a man and a women and to defy him like that not only in way, but to sin with multiple men at once is-”

“Get her out of here,” Gus drawled, gesturing for the security.

“What-?” Her eyes shot wide open. “I’m not the one in the wron-”

“You’re a fucking cunt,” Gus snapped. “I’m not going to let you stay here and insult my friends just because there’s more love in their fucking pinkie then your whole body.”

As security lead the girl out and dispersed the crowd Gus turned to them, “I just ran into Ryan and Jack on their way out. Maybe you guys should go meet up with them.”

“Yeah, we were supposed to be meeting up with them when we got side tracked here,” Ray muttered. He pulled lightly on Michael and pressed a hand to Gavin’s hip, “Come on, guys.”

3. Joel (to a gay man)

Joel bit the top of his thumb as he watched the table, concentrating so he didn’t mess up the count. Jack, who had come with him for his birthday, had walked away a moment ago to take a phone call from home leaving him alone.

“Can I ask you a question?” the question was accompanied by a hand on his shoulder.

Keeping one eye on the table and the cards, he turned to find himself looking into the slightly glittery eyes of a slim blonde man. He glanced down at the too-tight clothing, then over at the hand on his shoulder before saying, “I’m not- I mean I don’t…”

The man looked confused for a second before letting out a squeak, “Oh! No not you! Not that you’re not – you’re just not my-!”

“Oh,” Joel glanced back at the cards, disinterested in the conversation. “Sorry, what’s your question then?”

“Your friend,” the man drawled, glancing over where Jack stood with his phone against his ear. “Is he um…Does he have a boyfriend?”

“Mhm yeah. Five of them,” Joel declared absently as he made his bet.

The other way quiet for a minute before he mused, “I could probably pull him away then. How long are you guys in town?”

“A we-” he paused, taking his eyes off the table of the first time. “What the hell, dude? Why would you think that?”

The man ran a tongue over his bottom lip, “Because he’s big and strong and could dom-”

“Whoa!” Joel held his hands up. “I didn’t need to know that much about fetishes Jack fits into. I mean why would you think he’s going to leave them for you or whatever? You just met.”

“Because that’s not real love,” the man drawled. “Those are always the easiest to ruin.”

Joel wasn’t sure whether it was the blatant disrespect of Jack’s lifestyle or the fact that the guy had so little disrespect for relationships in general that made him pull his arm back and shove his fist into the guys face.

“Joel!? What the hell!” Jack screeched.

Joel shook his fist as the other fell to the ground and security approached, “Nothing. Let’s just go.”

4. Monty (to an intern)

“Good morning!” the intern, a girl helping run the site for the summer, smiled brightly at Monty as he entered the kitchen. “Did you just get here too?”

Monty blinked at her for several minutes before saying, “No. I’ve been here all night. You must be really new if you didn’t know that.”

“Oh,” she gripped her coffee cup with wide eyes. “I’d heard the rumors but I thought they were just exaggerating.”

“Nope,” he drawled as he reached for the coffee behind her.

There was a loud noise before Monty saw Gavin, Ryan, and Ray enter the kitchen. Ryan was holding Gavin bridal style as he walked through without a word, both of them laughing. Ray stopped for a minute, smiling at Monty and the girl, “Hey guys.”

“Hey,” Monty answered. Neither of them noticed the way the girl’s hand tightened and she didn’t say anything. “What are you three doing here so early?”

“Gavin’s an asshole and hasn’t finished editing Minecraft yet so we dragged him in to finish. Left the others asleep though.”

“Owwwwwww!” they heard Gavin screech. “Ray! Ryan dropped me!”

“Dropped implies it was an accident,” Ray teased as he gave a tiny goodbye wave before walking towards the sound of Gavin’s voice.

Their voices had all but died out when the girl asked, “How can you stand it?”

“The noise?” Monty questioned, reaching up to rub at his eyes. “You get used to it after a while since the whole office-”

“Not that,” she interrupted. “Their…I don’t want to use the word relationship because you can hardly call it a relationship with so many people involved. Their arrangement I guess.” She turned to him, “Don’t you find it wrong for so many people to be together like that?”

“No,” he answered without a thought. “They’re kind of perfect together and I don’t think any of them were ever really happy before they arranged this.” He downed the rest of his coffee before slamming the cup on the counter a little harder then he met, “If you don’t like that other people are happier then you, you should get a new internship. I’m going back to work.”

1. Burnie

Burnie reached for his water bottle, Gavin on one side of him scanning the crowd for someone to ask a question and Barbara on the other. The rest of the panel was filled with a combination of other employees from different branchs and projects of Roosterteeth– including Chris, Kerry, and Lindsey.

“Ah! You!” Gavin declared finally, pointing to someone.

Through the blinding lights and flashes of cameras, Burnie couldn’t see who he’d picked but the voice was deep as he said, “This is a question for everyone about Achievement Hunter.” Already Burnie could feel Gavin stiffen next to him and Lindsey starting to pull out her phone for a quick phone call to retrieve Michael from the booth if needed. “How do you about having a relationship like that in the office?”

Burnie ran a hand through his hair, noticing the way Barbara’s fists clenched and Chris’s jaw locked (Kerry reaching over to place a hand on his knee), before standing up, “Okay, we’re going to clear this up right now and afterwards, I don’t want to hear a fucking word about this shit again.”

Gavin glanced over at him, his eyes widening, “Burnie?”

“Shut up for a second Gavin,” Burnie snapped before turning back to the crowd. “As a lot of you know, Gavin is involved in a relationship with the other members of Achievement Hunter and they’re happy as fuck. They’ve done there best to keep it out of their videos and are under a strict set of rules-”

“That they made themselves,” Barbara put in.

“That they made themselves,” Burnie agreed. “When they go to cons in order not to make fans or bypassers uncomfortable but you know what? Fuck all of you.” There was an audible gasp from people in the crowd not familiar with Roosterteeth, but instead there from friends. “These fuckers are happy as shit and they deserve it. It’s their relationship not yours and it doesn’t affect their work at fucking all. You know what? That’s not true. Them being happy made it better.” He took a minute to glare at the crowd before sitting back down, “Alright, next question.”

There was a moment before Lindsey picked the next question and the room resumed it’s chatter.

He was silent for a moment, questions being directed towards Kerry about RWBY and Chris and Kerry about A Simple Walk, before he heard Gavin murmur softly, “Thank you, Burnie.”

“Shut up, Gav,” Burnie muttered, kicking him under the table. “I’m your friend and it’s okay for me to kick peoples asses for being a douche to you.”

“Question for Gavin!”

Gavin’s head swizzled toward the crowd, “Eh?”

“Are you guys going to stop doing Minecraft Lets Plays anytime soon?”

As Gavin started answering questions, Burnie zoned out. His eyes flew over the ground, scanning them, before landing on the doors in the back of the room where he could see Geoff in leaning against the doorway with the others peering over his shoulder (and Ray squatted down looking through the hole between the doorway and Geoff’s hip).

'Thank you,' Geoff worded when he saw Burnie looking at them. Burnie shrugged then made a shooing motion.

Geoff gave a tiny laugh before ushering them out of the room. A flash of that warm feeling of friendship crawled down Burnie’s spine knowing Geoff trusted him to take care of Gavin even after something like that.