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The Joys of Raising Five Boys (3/6)

Title: The Joys of Raising Five Boys (Part Michael)

Rating: T

Previous Parts: Part 1 (Geoff),Part 2(Ryan)

Notes: All my love to PossiblyMichaelJones for betaing and love for anyone who read the first two parts. 

Summary:OR the one where Achievement Hunter is actually a family of five boys raised by Geoff Ramsey (The chapter with a little more about the past, Miles Luna teasing about Young Love, and some bro cuddles because Burritos are hella good)


Michael slammed the car door shut behind him as he stormed away.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” hummed Miles as the redhead approached.

“Fucking Gavin shoved snow down my shirt and dad wouldn’t let me hit him,” Michael grumbled, “and the only one here wearing panties, is you Luna.”

“Oh breaking out the last name are we?” the elder, if only by three months, shot back. “Man, must have been some cold ass snow to have you this pissed off.”

Michael rolled his eyes, hiking his backpack farther up his shoulder as Miles opened the door for him to pass, “It’s fucking snow, what do you expect? It’s just more irritating that I didn’t get to hit him and get the fucking anger out.”

“You could’ve just caught him when you got here. Dan and him are always over on the playground,” Miles declared, throwing his hands over his head. “You wanna head over there?”

“Nah, Ryan promised to buy me a Fluttershy if I didn’t and besides it’s cold as hell out there.”

“You wouldn’t hit him even if you could,” a voice interrupted. The two of them half turned just in time for Chris to duck under the arms and start walking backwards in front of them. “You love your baby brother.”

“You’re right, I do love Ray.”

Chris rolled his eyes, “Whatever Ramsey. Come on, Linds is waiting for us in the lunch room.”

“Ooh, did she get breakfast? I could use some Coco puffs.”

Michael trailed behind the two as they walked, walls that were too white and covered in poorly done drawing passing him by. It was funny to him, the way the school him so much of the hospital. Adults with fake smiles and children smiling because they didn’t know what was really going on.


Shaking his head, Michael found himself staring at Miles and Chris both boys looking at him with worry on their faces.

“What?” he questioned. “Is there something on my face?”

“We’ve been trying to get your attention for five minutes, jesus!”

“No need to call me Jesus, Chris.”

Miles said, “Are you okay, Michael?”

“I’m fine, let’s just go meet up with Lindsey, okay?”

Chris and Miles looked at each other for a minute before Miles started talking about last nights episode of My Little Pony. Michael focused on it, socking Miles in the shoulder when he talked about Pinkie Pie being the best and fist bumping Chris when they talked about Rainbow Dash.

That was the difference between here and the hospital, wasn’t it? The fact that here he could smile just a little bit because he wasn’t waiting for his mother to wake up. Wasn’t waiting to lose his mother when he’d already lost his sister.


Michael approached the group, Chris pushing Lindsey on a swing and Miles sitting in the wood chips next to them with his DS, at recess with a scowl on his face.

“Michael! Will you-” Lindsey stopped mid sentence, taking in his expression, before saying, “Did something happen? I thought you were just talking to Gavin.”

“I was,” Michael grumbled. He ignored her gaze in favor of asking Miles, “Are you free after school today?”

“Uhm,” Miles rolled his eyes up, thinking about it, before nodding. “Yeah but I have piano practice on the corner of Desmond and Altair at four so I can’t stay very long. Why do you ask?”

“Some asshole beat Gav up.”

Miles was quiet for a minute, “Yeah, okay. Can you get your dad to drop me off before he goes back to work?”


Neither of them said anything else on the subject as Michael sat on the swing next to Lindsey. A bright smile spread across his face as he asked her, “Did you finish your art project? I have no idea how to do that paper mache shit.”

“Oh um…” she looked confused as she spoke, like she couldn’t figure out why he was changing the subject to that of all things. “Well I’m done with the paper mache part. I just need to pop the balloon, cut it in half, and then start decorating my mask.”

Michael laughed, “Wow, your really good this stuff aren’t you?”

“I guess.” A blush dusted her cheeks, “I could help you tomorrow if you want.”

Miles looked over at Chris, holding a heart over his chest, and teased, “Young love, isn’t it nice?”


Michael collapsed onto the couch, his head landing in Jack’s lap and his feet hanging over the side of the couch, holding his stomach.

“I shouldn’t have eaten that fourth burrito,” he complained, rubbing his bangs against Jack’s jeans.

The fourteen year old laughed, running his hands through Michael’s hair, “You should have listened to your stomach when it told you to stop.”

“They were so good though,” Michael moaned, “and they were real burritos not the shitty box kind.”

“Self restraint Michael. That’s the key to not getting tummy aches.”

“Self restraint is stupid.”

Jack hummed as he withdrew his hand from Michael’s hair, turning back to his laptop, “I can’t help you there, bud.”

Michael was silent for a minute before lifting up on his elbows, “Whatcha working on?”

“My Media II project.”

“What’s it about?”

“Mhm, well we took footage of Joel playing several different video games and then cut it all together and made a commentary. We’re going to submit it to the teacher under the title Jack and Joel Play…”

“Can I watch it?” Michael asked as he shifted, throwing himself backwards so he was sitting criss cross applesauce. Jack was about to answer when Ryan swooped it, grabbing Michael by his arms and placing him on the floor. “Hey!”

Ryan grinned, “It’s your turn to do dishes. Go get them done before Dad gets home so we can play a game once he gets here, okay?”

Michael protested for a minute but Ryan didn’t seem to be budging on the subject so he shuffled into the kitchen to do the chore.