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The Joys of Raising Five Boys (2/6)

Title: The Joys of Raising Five Boys (Part Ryan)

Rating: T

Previous Parts: part One (Geoff)

Notes: All my love to PossiblyMichaelJones for betaing (yet again!) and even more love to Ryan who we always need more of. 

Summary:OR the one where Achievement Hunter is actually a family of five boys raised by Geoff Ramsey (The chapter with Drivers Training, Ali Baker, and MLP)


Sitting between Michael and an empty seat in the van, Ryan groaned. He leaned forward and tapped Jack’s arm, “Switch with me. I’ll let you have front tomorrow.”

“Fuck that,” Jack answered, glancing up as the front door opened, Geoff hustled Ray and Gavin out of the house. “I’m not sitting back there with those two fighting. That’s worse then when they’re scheming together.”

“Come on,” he groaned. “I have Drivers Ed today, so you can have front when dad drives you guys home.”

“Except I’m not going home,” Jack answered. “I have a project due in Media 2. I’m staying after school so Joel can do the voice overs, then I’m helping him with his math homework.”

Ryan let out a frustrated scream as he flopped backwards into the seat, “I liked you ten times more when you had no friends! You were such a pushover then.”

Jack laughed, “Wow, thanks Ry. All the brother of the year awards to you.”

“Shut up, Jack. You’d feel the same way if you were stuck back here.” Sighing, he looked up at the ceiling before turning his head to look at Michael, “Can’t you just leave it alone?”

Michael glared and gritted out, “He shoved snow down my shirt.”

Ryan felt around his pockets after a moment of thought before pulling out a few bills from his pocket. He flipped through them for a moment before holding them out to Michael, “Look, I’ve got thirty bucks. Get along with Gavin long enough for me to get to school and drivers ed without wanting to murder anyone and I’ll by you that new Pony you want.”

Michael stilled in his seat before peeking at Ryan, “Fluttershy? One of the big ones, not those lame ass ones that are the size of Gavin’s brain?”

“Yeah, sure. Just chill okay, Mike?”

Michael seemed to think about it for a moment before nodding, “Yeah, okay.”

The car door slid open, Ray crawling into his car seat before letting Gavin pass into the back.

“What’s going on back here?” questioned Gavin as he buckled his seat belt, the engine roaring to life.

“Nothing asshole,” Michael answered before turning away, placing his elbow on the window and his chin in his hand. Gavin looked at the elder boy for a moment before shrugging and leaning forward to talk to Ray.

“Everyone ready then?” Geoff called back. There was a chorus of agreement before he nodded, “Alright then. First stop, preschool.”

Ryan let his head flop against the back of the seat, letting out a soft sigh as the radio occupied the silence of the drive.


The afternoon sun was hot as Ryan slid out of the car and ran into the ice rink with his coat pulled up to his nose. The second he stepped inside, warm air and conversation from the different groups in the rink rushed around him.

Standing around the door to Rink one were the figure skaters, most of them pretty quiet girls who spoke in hushed tones, but had a fierce competitiveness in their eyes. The door to Rink four was surrounded by loud boys, a few girlfriends lingering around, with hockey sticks and the occasional pair of goalie gloves. The third group stood away directly to the right of the door, standing around the door to the conference room.

Ryan’s eyes immediately locked on a head of pink hair around the door and he shoved through to meet her.

Ali smiled at him and held out a steaming cup, “Hot chocolate for those of us who aren’t inclined to cold spaces?”

“My pink princess,” he teased, relief flooding his voice as he took the cup.

“You better save me from the turtles,” she answered, bumping her hip against his. “Hey, are you free at noon Saturday and Sunday so we can take range together? If we get one of the good teachers, we can run out to McDonalds.”

“I can’t do McDonalds, but that’s a good time for me to be out here,” Ryan replied, nodding. She raised an eyebrow, a silent question hanging in the gesture, so he added, “I’m using the last bit of my cash to buy my brother a My Little Pony in return for not being an asshole this morning.”

“Good cause, good cause.”


When Ryan entered the house, he found Michael sitting in the kitchen with a text book. Ray was sitting next to him with a box of crayons and a bottle of apple juice.

“Hey! Just the kid I wanted to see,” Ryan called. He threw his backpack towards the fifth grader who fumbled with it for a minute before getting a good grip on it.

“I’m not doing your homework. You’re in high school, I’m still in elementary,” Michael huffed, unzipping it anyway.

“As if, little man,” Ryan chuckled. “I walked to Toys R Us on my way back and got you that doll you wanted.”

“Normally, I would argue with you about the use of the word doll,” Michael drawled as he pulled the package from Ryan’s backpack. “But since you actually got the right Pony this time, I’m not going to say anything.”

Ray glanced up from the picture he was drawing before turning back to it with a frank, “Applejack is better.”

“For the millionth time, Ray, she is not!” Michael replied, shoving the younger boy lightly.

Ryan laughed as he moved to the kitchen counters, “Are Gavin and Jack upstairs?”

“Mhm, Jack is,” Michael informed, tapping his pencil against his lip. “Gavin’s out back with Dan and if he comes in with another handful of snow I might actually kill him.”

“Is he staying for dinner? It’s my turn to cook.”

“I dunno,” Ray put in, “but can we have burritos? Real burritos, not the lame kind in a box that dad makes when he’s home.”

“Sure thing,” Ryan agreed, ruffling Ray’s hair and picking up his bag from Michael’s lap as he passed. “I’ll start them after I talk to Dan, yeah?”

A large smile spread across Ray’s face, “You’re the best big brother ever, Ryan!”

“Hey, what the hell, twerp?” Michael objected.

Ray sniffed and turned away from the redhead, “People who don’t think Applejack is the best pony are incapable of being the best brothers.”