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The Joys of Raising Five Boys (1/6)

Title: The Joys of Raising Five Boys (Part Geoff)

Rating: T

Notes: All my love to PossiblyMichaelJones for betaing! I’ll post a part a day so I hope you’ll all look at the next part tomorrow!

Summary:OR the one where Achievement Hunter is actually a family of five boys raised by Geoff Ramsey.


Geoff buried his head into the pillow as the door creaked open, letting in a burst of screams, before closing once more. The lights flicked on. He tried to ignore whoever it was, but, soon enough, there was the soft pad of feet crossing the floor before there were tiny hands on his side, “Daddy. Daddy, it’s time to get up.”

He tried to ignore it, but the hands were persistent until he finally gripped one. He heard a loud squeal as he grabbed his son by the waist and hoisted the five year old onto the bed with him, holding him close to his chest as he let his eyes close. “Go back to sleep Ray.”

“Daddy,” Ray whined, squirming in his arms. “We can’t! You have to drive us to school and then go to work.”

“Mhm, don’t wanna.”

“You have to!”

A smile spread across Geoff’s face, “Well, if we have to go to work, we have to play first!”

“Wha-” The boy was cut off by Geoff’s fingers attacking his stomach. Ray kicked his legs, laughing at the way the tickling felt.

Smiles were spread across both of their faces until Ray finally managed to squirm away. He stood at the side of the bed, his hair messy from rubbing against the comforter and a straight look on his face, “Geez, Daddy!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Geoff patted his back, sending the boy stumbling forward. “Get out of here and get ready for school.”

Ray pouted for a moment before walking out, shouting, “Michael, where’s the hair brush?”

Geoff waited until the door shut behind him before he stood up, stretched out his limbs, and walked into his bathroom.


Thirty minutes later, Geoff entered the kitchen to a mess of cereal boxes and boys gathered around the island. Michael and Ray were sitting on the left side, both with bowls of Reeses Cocoa Puffs, while Ryan and Jack sat on the other. There was a half eaten bowl of Fruit Loops on the other side of Jack’s math textbook and Ryan had his DS lying on the table.

“Where’s Gav?” Geoff questioned as he walked past Ryan, patting the fifteen year old on the back and reaching across the island to grab the cereal box from in front of Michael. He pointed at the box, “I told you no more Reeses Puffs on school days, Mike, and that thing stays here Ryan. I can’t afford to buy you another one if you want that car next year.”

“I know that,” Ryan declared, biting his lips as he jabbed at the screen. “I think Gav ran outside, though.”

“It’s my PE Semester,” Michael replied. “I’ll run better if I’m on a sugar high.”

“Yeah, and then you’ll crash in the middle of your history class and your teacher is going to lecture me.” Geoff shot back. He gave Michael a firm look, “Make yourself some cinnamon rolls or something.”

As he was placing the cereal back on top the fridge, there was a gust of cold air as the door opened and shut. A moment later, Gavin came sliding into the kitchen with his cheeks a rosy red from the chill outside and his coat and gloves covered in snow. The eight year old strolled in, a wide grin on his face, “Morning, guys.”

Michael cast a side glance over at him, “Why are you so fucking happy?”

“Language!” Geoff cast over his shoulder. “I’m not going to keep fucking telling you.”

“You just said it yourself!”

“But that’s because he’s Dad, Mi-cool~” Gavin sung. When Michael turned to snap at him, Gavin gripped the collar of his brother’s shirt and slid a handful of snow down his back.

“Ah! Cold, cold, cold!” Michael screeched, dancing around the kitchen. There was bumping and shouting as glasses of milk and orange juice were spilled, before Michael added, “I’m going to kill you Gavin!”

“Hey! Stop that!” Neither boy listened to him as they went running out of the room, manic laughs coming from Gavin and death threats from Michael. He tried calling out to them for a few minutes, shouting for them to stop running in the house and to come back to the kitchen. The farther away the shouts got, the more apparent it became that the two of them weren’t going to listen to him.,

“Goddamn it,” Geoff sighed, slouching onto one of the stools. “I should have stopped after two.”

Ray pouted, “You don’t like me, Daddy?”

“Nooooo,” he drawled. “I like all of you equally, X-Ray. Your brothers are just really annoying sometimes.”

Jack snorted, “You can say that again.”

Geoff rubbed his hand in a circle over his nose, “Jack, get your backpack ready. Ryan, put the DS away and go get your brothers, please. And Ray, put the cereal away, please.” There was a brief pause before the three set about their tasks.


Walking into the office, Geoff squeezed the bridge of his nose. It was quiet– a rarity when working at Roosterteeth– before one of the side doors opened.

“Tough morning?” questioned Burnie as he walked into the hallway.

Geoff sighed, “You could say that. Gavin and Michael are such a handful.”

“They’ve always been,” Burnie laughed. They walked down the hall together for a moment before he added, “You know, I could take them off your hands for a few hours if you need. Take them out to eat or down to the arcade.”

“No,” the word came out firmer then Geoff had meant for it to. “Sorry, I just– it’s ridiculous since it’s been almost two years now, but I feel like if they’re gone too long I’m going to lose them like I did Griffon and Millie.”

“It’s okay. I can’t imagine what I would do if I lost my wife and daughter. Just let me know if you need any help okay?”

Geoff nodded, “Yeah. Thanks, Burn.”

Burnie hummed and patted Geoff’s lower back, “Now get to work, Chump.”